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为维护学校正常教学秩序和卫生环境,保障学生在校学习期间的安全和健康,特提出如 下注意事项:



Terms and Conditions

1. Observe the regulations framed by the school; pay the tuition fee and other fee on time; Protect the school's reputation and intellectual properties;
2. On school campus students are not allowed to throw stones or litters, fight and chase each other or play any other forms of activities which can be dangerous. Also they are not permitted to play balls in classrooms as well as along the corridors;
3. Without permission students cannot leave school to shop or go home during school time. Take care school property;
4. It is student's responsibility to pay any damaged school equipment or property;
5.Students are not supposed to bring any valuable items to school, otherwise, the school takes no responsibility for any loss;
6. Parents are supposed to drive at the lowest speed while passing the school campus. Parents should not park or stop at the midway to drop off or pick up students. The school requires to be informed in written form for any student who needs leave the campus during school time;
7. Parents should inform the school with any change of their telephone and address so that the school can contact parents immediately in case an emergency case takes place to their child;
8. The JNU Chinese School of NZ takes absolutely no responsibility for any students who breaches the rules of the school as lay down in the above sections. If any student of the school breaches the regulations above they will receive automatic suspension/expulsion depending on the seriousness of the breach.